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Intensive english lesson

 Intensive English Lessons

Would you like to improve your English skills within one or two weeks? Do you have a deadline to meet? Choose for our intensive 1, 2, 3, or 4 week programme in Amsterdam, where you will be learning at an accelerated pace. We will focus on the elements you'd like to tackle, and design a programme that will have an immediate result. Let us help you succeed!

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group course in amsterdam

 Speaking English Group Courses

Tired of not being able to express yourself in English? Feel like you know the grammar but lack vocabulary? Would like to gain more confidence when speaking English?
Our Speaking English lessons in Amsterdam, designed specifically for the improvement of your speaking skills, are the right fit for you. Sign up for an intake and start speaking!

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business English course

 Business English Lessons

If you are looking to improve your Business English skills or to finally get that promotion - our Business English course in Amsterdam can help you achieve your goals.
Would your (potential) employer like you to posess English skills regarding a specific branch or topic? We will design the lessons individually so that your goals are met in less than no time.

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tailored course design

 Design your own course!

Would you like to take a custom course, carefully designed to meet your specific needs? Let us know what your objectives are, and we will design a course based on your existing knowledge and what you want to achieve. You determine the pace and the focus of the course, as well as the course objectives. Study in Amsterdam - the international heart of The Netherlands!

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How are you different from other teachers and schools?

  • We use an innovative method of language teaching, which allows the student to learn all the material in class instead of doing 5 to 10 pages of homework.

  • Every lesson is unique - the lesson plan is designed based on the knowledge, goals and perception of the student.

  • Our method is backed by up-to-date scientific data on neuroscience & learning.

  • We adjust our lessons based on the type of perception the student responds to best to ensure efficient and effortless language acquisition.

  • Lessons where you simply follow the textbook and do exercises are outdated. The process of learning English and what we know about that has changed. EasyEnglish Training utilizes research on neurodevelopment and language acquisition to help you learn quickly and efficiently.

Why EasyEnglish Training?

  • We are very passionate about what we do. EasyEnglish Training believes that anyone can learn English provided an enthusiastic and flexible professional is helping them improve.

  • Every student is unique. As professionals in teaching, we adjust the study plan to fit the needs of the student. 

  • We are affordable and motivating. The more proficient you become, the less we charge you. 

  • The end goal of any language course is communication, be it in a formal or informal setting, in speaking or in writing. Our goal is to ensure you can effortlessly speak English in any environment and achieve results.