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Prices for indvidual lessons*

 Beginner: €45 per hour

 Elementary: €45 per hour

 Pre-intermediate: €40 per hour

 Intermediate: €40 per hour

 Upper Intermediate: €40 per hour

 Advanced: €40 per hour

  Business English: €50 per hour

Intake assessment: FREE

Trial lesson: FREE

Please bear in mind that cancelling the intake or/and the trial lesson should be made at least 24 hours in advance. If that is not the case the next intake and/or trial lesson appointment will cost 50% of the regular lesson hourly rate.

*The cost of the individually designed lessons may vary. The hourly rate may be increased or decreased depending on the type of the programme. We provide an additional discount when a two-month course is booked! 

Prices for group lessons

 English Course* A1-C2: €350 - 400

  • Course duration - 5 weeks
  • Lessons: Two 3-hour lessons twice a week

 English Speaking Course* A1-C2: €145 - 155

  • Course duration - 7 weeks
  • Lessons: One 2-hour lesson a week

 English Speaking Course "Speak with friends!": 

  • Course duration: per request
  • Lessons: per request
  • Price: per request

*A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 students per group. 

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