EasyEnglish Training

Affordable English lessons of excellent quality.
Study in Amsterdam!

Why EasyEnglish Training?

  We aim for the result

  • With the learning method we developed you will achieve results.

  • Proven record of success in teaching English.

  • Our goal is for you to effortlessly communicate in English.

  • Our passion drives us to motivate and encourage our students.

 Innovative learning 

  • At EasyEnglish Training we focus on truly interactive learning. Not simply simulating situations, but working through the concepts together with the student.

  • You can learn all the material in class without having to do 5 to 10 pages of homework.

  • You will be able to speak better English after the 1st lesson.

  • Backed by up-to-date research on neuroscience & learning.

  Sensible prices

  • The more proficient you become, the less we charge.

  • Very competetive prices.

  • Seasonal discounts and package offers.

  • Refer a friend and get a lesson for free!

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